Snapchat is Reportedly Working on Extending Their Augmented Reality Technology

Snapchat’s lenses allow for augmented reality experience in the form of an app. Now the most popular app among teens is planning on expanding their AR technology with an environment detection software that will change depending on what you see.

Snap, Inc is reportedly working on improving their augmented reality technology. The new lenses are not currently available. But, the new feature will allow Snapchat users to “identify environmental elements” and augment reality in real time.

Currently, it is not clear how this augmented reality feature will interact with Snapchat. For instance, it is unclear how the environment detection software will work with advertising companies. That said, The Information report suggests the feature will first be available to Snapchat users before advertisers.

This news comes after Snapchat is reportedly working on their initial public offering. Snap is seeking a valuation of $25, which could make the social media company one of the biggest IPOs in recent history.

Last year, Snap, Inc released Snapchat Spectacles. The device allows for Snapchat users to capture video with their glasses. The video could then be posted on the social media app. Also, Snapchat acquired augmented reality company Cinimagine. Cinimagine developed AR technology that allows for people to look at products in real time with different layers.

Snapchat is always adding new features to their social media app. On Wednesday, Snapchat announced ‘Young Black and Proud,’ which is a list of new features in commemoration of Black History Month. The new features include new lenses, geofilters and video content created specifically for Black History month. In fact, Snapchat users can use newly created geofilters in popular cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and Boston. Snapchat is using this new program to encourage African-American Snapchat users to share their black experience on the video sharing app.