Facebook Reveals How Companies Can Profit Off Your Break-Up

Are you going through a break-up? Well, Facebook knows exactly how you feel and how companies should attempt to profit off it.

A new study posted in Facebook’s Moments That Matter page gives marketers information on how to appeal to people who are going through a breakup. The study analyzed people who have gone through a recent break up in France, the UK and several other countries.

Facebook’s research team found that people are not quick to make their breakup “Facebook Official” and take their time before they update their relationship status.

However, researchers report people frequently visit Facebook immediately after changing their Facebook status to “Single,” which can mean they are searching for a rebound or stalking their previous significant other.

Also, Facebook’s research team reported that over 75% of people say connecting with friends and family was “more important” than any other time in their life after a breakup.

“During the two weeks before and the two weeks after their break-up announcement, men and women accepted more than one invitation to an event 40% more than the 60 days before and 60 days after their announcement,” Facebook explained in their study. “Interestingly, women we spoke to were 2x more likely than men to say that participating in more social activities helped them move on after their break up.”

Ultimately, Facebook reports that this research suggests people do not want to purchase new goods and services following a break-up. Instead, Facebook found people are 25% more likely to travel and buy travel-related products after making it “Facebook official”.

As a result, Facebook suggests companies should take advantage of a Facebook users break up by helping them be “part of the journey.” Marketers can reach their target audience by giving social media users products they want, to help fix their broken heart.

“People who have just gone through a break-up want to invest in new experiences,” Facebook’s research team explains. “Tracking signals of intent to travel, experience new things or take up a new hobby can help you reach this group with a relevant ad at the right time.”

Facebook and Valentine’s Day

Facebook Valentine's Day
RUSSIA, KAZAN, 10 february 2015: Heart sign in the status bar social network Facebook, February 14, Valentine’s Day (Anton Watman / Shutterstock, Inc.)

This research study is part of Facebook’s Moments That Matter series, which provides marketers insight into how social media users interact during special events. Earlier this month, Facebook posted a report on how users interact during Valentine’s Day. Researchers found that guys tend to talk more about relationships and getting married. Meanwhile, women tend to focus on food and gifts during Valentine’s Day.