IMDb is Shutting Down Their Forums

Days after Reddit announced the shut down of several alternative right forums; the Internet Movie Database is closing down their message boards.

IMDB is the go-to website for finding who’s who in any TV show or movie. It is also home to a huge community of movie and TV enthusiasts on their message board. Unfortunately, the website’s forums are coming to an end.

IMDb released a statement this week that the website’s message forums will be shut down on February 20th. The reason why IMDb is choosing to disable their social network? Apparently, the company found the forums “are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide.”

The company warned users about the shutdown of the service. “During this two-week transition period, which concludes on February 19, 2017, IMDb message board users can exchange contact information with any other board users they would like to remain in communication with.”

IMDb, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, allows for actors and crew members to post their resume and upload photos of themselves. Also, the website also provided a community where fans can discuss movies and TV shows.

Launched nearly 30 years ago by Col Needham in 1990; the website now has over 4.1 million titles and 7.7 million actors, models, and production companies on their website along with 70 million users.

Last September, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed an anti-ageism bill, which affected IMDb. The bill requires IMDb to comply with requests regarding the removal of information about an actor’s age on their website. This law came after a 2011 ageism lawsuit against IMDb that the movie database website won.

The end of message boards?

The decision to shut down the message boards seems to call to question the value of open forums and comments. Earlier this week, Reddit announced the closing of /r/AltRight and /r/AlternativeRight subreddits after users within the forum reportedly violated Reddit’s content policy.