YouTube is Going After Live TV with YouTube TV

YouTube is tackling TV. Following in the footsteps of Hulu, Apple, and other streaming companies, YouTube is going after cable television.

For $35 a month you can obtain a TV package that includes all the major news channels, ESPN, USA, FX, Oxygen, E!, Disney Channel, National Geographic, and not to mention, local TV channels. Also, YouTubers can add TV channels such as Showtime,  an unlimited cloud-based DVR with unlimited storage and six accounts.

Essentially, YouTube TV will allow you the ability to live and record content from major TV network. Also, all of this content will be featured alongside YouTube’s pre-existing content and will work on nearly any TV screen that has the YouTube app.

The new service will be available later on this year and set for early spring. There is no contract, and six users can access the content at any time.

That said, there are a lot of major networks missing from the list. Most popular channels including The Walking Dead’s AMC, TBS, and TNT. Also, CNN is absent from the list. Meanwhile, Sony Playstation Vue includes CNN, TBS, TNT, and AMC.

YouTube TV will also be able to connect with Google’s internet of things device Google Home, so you will be able to ask Home to start playing a show on your television.

The mobile app will also include three main features including live, library and home. The live tab will show you everything that is currently broadcasting on the respective network. If you want to watch a particular show, you can just tap, and it will begin to play. If you want to look at a show later, you can click the plus icon, and the will start recording a show. YouTube TV will also harness Google artificial intelligence technology, and users will be able to see recommendations underneath the current video they are watching.