Gal Gadot Reveals a New ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Trailer

Gal Gadot released a new trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Diana Prince was not always a superhero. Prince had to fight and train her way to became a fierce warrior.

In the latest Wonder Woman trailer released over the weekend, the DC Universe shared us a quick glimpse into Wonder Woman’s life in the world of Themyscira.

This new trailer features more of Wonder Woman’s journey to becoming a superhero. Unlike the previous Wonder Woman trailers released so far that included action scenes, this new trailer gives a glimpse into Diana Prince as a young girl.

Gal Gadot shared the trailer on her Twitter account over the weekend, and according to reports, this might be the last trailer we will see until the movie hits theaters this summer.

Watch the video below to see Diana train and become the fierce Warrior we know today.


Wonder Woman is the latest superhero movie by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the fourth in the series of DC Extended Universe movies. Filming for the movie wrapped last May.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2nd.