Donald Glover Joins Andrew Yang’s Presidential Campaign

Donald Glover, who has come long away from his time working on the FX series ‘Atlanta,’ is getting involved in politics. Glover, also known by his music name Childish Gambino, is joining Andrew Yang’s Presidential campaign as a campaign consultant. 

Yang, who is a lawyer and entrepreneur, who is known for giving back to the community, was selected by the Obama administration in 2015 as a “Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.” He is now working on becoming a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

The announcement was released last Thursday, following the launch of a one-time pop-up store in Los Angeles, which featured collaborative merchandise.

Yang’s campaign is running a new set of campaign slogans, including “Make America Think Harder (M.A.T.H),” “Humanity First” and “Not Left, Not Right, Forward,” which has potential for catching out with Americans during the primary.

Yang 2020
LOS ANGELES, CA – December 19, 2019: Andrew Yang & Donald Glover Open Pop-up Shop in LA (Editorial credit: Kevin McGovern /

In a statement, Yang’s campaign released a brief description of the recent Los Angeles pop-up: “at the pop-up store in downtown Los Angeles, supporters were able to purchase limited and signed editions of Yang2020 merchandise designed by Glover’s team, including sweatshirts, hats, and posters.”

Yang is still considered a long-shot candidate. That said, he has gained popularity in early 2019 by making appearances on podcasts and his work in Democratic debates. Currently, “Yang Gang” is the official name for Yang supporters.

Two days ago, a recent poll put Andrew Yang ahead of Pete Buttigieg in terms of popularity. Multiple news outlets report Yang’s favorability has improved following the Los Angeles debate. The favorability score, which is the share of potential Democratic primary voters who view him positively minus unfavorable ratings, jumped by seven points.