Teen Arrested After Streaming Rape on Facebook Live

Last November, Facebook added a new feature to their social network the new feature allowed users to donate money to charities that they enjoy using.

But since then Facebook has caught themselves in the middle of a bitter controversy. The social networking platform has now become a place where users can share not only the best parts of their life but also the most tragic. For example, earlier this year a mother was arrested for allegedly taping her two-year-old to a wall and then sharing it on Facebook live. Users were so appalled by what they saw they quickly reported the police. Authorities later arrested the women.

While this story is terrifying enough, earlier this year several teens were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and torturing a teenager and then broadcasting it live on Facebook.

Now another I, the AP reports. The alleged rape was captured and watched by over 40 people who did not even reported to authorities. According to Chicago police, the police department is now investigating, and authorities plan to arrest more individuals involved with the incident. Police have said the attacks included five or six men and the boy involved in sexual assault was “one of the offenders in the video.”

Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson is expected to deliver more details on what transpired on Facebook live. However, the juvenile suspect now faces felony charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault manufacturer, child pornography, and dissemination of child pornography.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi explained police were not aware of the attack that occurred last March. It was not until the girl’s mother approached Chicago’s police superintendent Johnson after he was leaving the police station and showed him the video. Johnson explained that he was upset and shocked by the fact that 40 viewers saw the video and did not call authorities.

Since the video, the family has left the Chicago neighborhood after the family has received threats and people ringing their doorbell looking for the young girl.