Google Continues to Innovate with Offline Search Feature

Internet connections have come a long way since the mid-1990s. High speed internet connections allow for websites to load in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. But, there are times when internet connections are less than optimal making it difficult for users to search for the latest trending topic. In order to address this problem, Google has come up with a solution.

Google announced on their blog on Thursday that their updated Google app for Android allows for the app to deliver search results as soon as the internet connection improves. In turn, users will be able to save searches offline until they are connected back to the internet.

Worried about data issues and battery life? Google also announced that the new feature will not drain battery life and will have a low impact on data usage.

The new feature is available on the most recent version of the Google app on Android devices. “So before you head out the door, make sure the Google app is running the latest version for Android, and the next time you hit a spotty network, your results are covered,” Google’s Product Manager Shekhar Sharad explained.

Google is constantly innovating and updating their products. Yesterday, Google announced major updates to their Google+ platform. Then, Google’s YouTube announced a new Super Chat feature. Not to mention, a new Ad balance feature for Adsense publishers or the ability to book an Uber through their Google Maps application.

Overall, Google is continuing to invest in new features for Google application users, which begs the question: what is next for Google in 2017? The company announced the release of Waymo, their self-driving software car company and the acquisition of Twitter’s developer tools Fabric but, the future of the search engine giant remains to be seen. However, the recent innovations illustrates Google’s plan towards a better customer experience.